SEO will bring customers to your door


SEO will bring more customers to your door. People look everything up on Google and other search engines. Right now it’s the easiest way to find information and the most efficient way to be findable online.

Let's find out when and where you need to be seen - it's time to make Google love your website!

When you type a keyword and press enter, Google gives you a list of results. The results are ranked using a variety of highly sophisticated algorithms. In a nutshell, the site that best meets the current Google criteria is ranked first for the keyword used.

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a line of work where we make our customers’ websites likeable to Google and other search engines. It’s time-consuming manual work that takes a highly skilled professional to master. That’s why it costs money, but not as much as you would think.

SEO is an investment into your company's future

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Site traffic alone is not everything

What you really should want is actual results, not just large numbers of visitors. To make money you need real customers, real buyers, real sales.

You need a website that converts that flow of traffic into something real. If your website is poor, your results will be meagre. If your website is great but can’t be found on Google – you guessed it – no results.

That is what we can give you. Hundreds of happy clients and over 18  years of experience are our greatest guarantee.

How is SEO different from advertising?

Most people hate advertising. We mute our televisions or change channels during the commercials. We use ad-blocking software on our computers to avoid annoying pop-ups and banners the size of small hatchbacks.

That is why search engine marketing (SEM) will never be as efficient as search engine optimization. Most of us simply don’t like ads and we most certainly don’t easily believe the information that’s in them. If you rely on SEM only you are willingly letting go of 75% of your potential clients.

Advertising is also quite expensive. You pay for every click and every visitor. In most cases, you are paying more money for less visibility. That doesn’t seem like the most efficient strategy, does it?

Always invest for the long term. Only then can you truly succeed.

- Warren Buffet -

SEO with a passion

Few companies can help you with everything. Some are good at search engine optimization but know nothing about conversion. Some know how to build and efficient website but have no idea about search engine optimization.

Our main advantage when compared to any other in Finland is that we understand the big picture. We have our own experts for everything. We don’t just build great sites. SEO with a passion is our thing, too. You need to know what happens in e-commerce or search engines? We'll gladly help with that as well. Netello Solutions offer all-inclusive services and our team believes firmly in what we do.


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